Archives of natural history, Volume 41 Pt 1 (2014)

The following papers and short notes will be issued in Archives of natural history 41.1, in print and online in April 2014.

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B. J. GILL: Charles Francis Adams: diary of a young American taxidermist visiting New Zealand, 1884–1887.

Y. SAMYN: Return to sender: Hydrozoa collected by Emperor Hirohito of Japan in the 1930s and studied in Brussels.

R. MIDDLETON: The Royal Horticultural Society’s 1864 botanical competition.  

P. G. MOORE: Popularizing marine natural history in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain.

A. M. LUCAS & P. J. LUCAS: Natural history “collectors”: exploring the ambiguities.

A. G. KNOX: The first egg of Jerdon's courser Rhinoptilus bitorquatus and a review of the early records of this species.

G. N. FOSTER & R. E. CLOSE: The entomologist David Sharp and his unwitting benefactor William Bontine.

H. FUNK: Describing plants in a new mode: the introduction of dichotomies into sixteenth-century botanical literature.

G. M. FELLERS: Animal taxa named for Rollo H. Beck.

I. SVANBERG & S. CIOS: Petrus Magni and the history of fresh-water aquaculture in the later Middle Ages.

C. J. BIDAU: The katydid that was: the tananá, stridulation, Henry Walter Bates and Charles Darwin.

S. L. OLSON: The early scientific history of Galapagos iguanas.


H. S. TORRENS: Michael Denis Crane (1946–2013).

Short notes

K. D. HUSSEY: Ming the forgotten celebrity: a giant panda skull at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

E. C. NELSON: The natural history interests of the Barrington family of Fassaroe, County Wicklow, Ireland.

P. DASZKIEWICZ & P. EDEL: The will of Ludwig Heinrich Bojanus (1776–1827), an interesting nineteenth-century natural history document.

R. B. WILLIAMS: An annotated catalogue of the marine biological paintings of Thomas Alan Stephenson – a fourth missing painting found.

R. M. PECK: Discovered in Philadelphia: a third set of Thomas Horsfield’s nature prints of plants from Java.

R. B. WILLIAMS: Another published letter by Philip Henry Gosse: a beluga in the English Channel.

E. C. NELSON: Additions to Philip Henry Gosse’s bibliography: letters to newspapers and horticultural periodicals 1864–1879.


Archives of natural history 40.2, p.369.



Archives of natural history, Volume 41 Pt 1 (2014) Abstracts








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