A Century of "Discovery": Antarctic Exploration and the Southern Ocean

A century of Discovery: Antarctic exploration and the Southern Ocean

Papers presented at an international symposium, held at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, 2830 June 2004, published in association with the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton and the British Antarctic Survey.

Associate editors: Professor G. Griffiths and Professor D. W. H. Walton

Index and Abstracts:

  • G. E. Fogg: A century of Antarctic science; planning and serendipity: 129143
  • A. Savours: Ships employed in Arctic ice: Discovery's past, 1602 to 1876: 144160
  • R. Marsden: Discovery Investigations: an early attempt at ecologically sustainable development?: 161176
  • A. L. Rice: Discovery at sea; a heady mix of scientists, ships and sailors: 177191
  • W. L. Fox: Terra Antarctica: a history of cognition and landscape: 192206

  • R. K. Headland: The Poles: information for exploration: 207220
  • P. S. Rainbow: From natural history to biodiversity: collections of discovery: 221230
  • R. L. Cameron: The foundations of Antarctic glaciology: 231244
  • D. G. Vaughan: [abstract only] Modern glaciology in Antarctica: 245
  • E. L. Mills: From Discovery to discovery: the hydrology of the Southern Ocean, 18851937: 246264
  • S. A. Cunningham: Southern Ocean circulation: 265280
  • M. V. Angel: Southern Ocean pelagic ecosystems: 281300
  • I. Everson: Southern Ocean pelagic ecosystems: the era of conservation: 301315
  • M. Walker: Antarctic meteorology and climatology: an unfolding story of discovery: 316333
  • J. Turner: Aspects of modern Antarctic meteorology and climatology: 334345
  • A. McConnell: Surveying terrestrial magnetism in time and space: 346360
  • A. Rodger: [abstract only] The Magnetic South Pole: its influence on the atmosphere: 361
  • M. R. A. Thomson & A. P. M. Vaughan: The role of Antarctica in the development of plate tectonic theories: from Scott to the present: 362393
  • D. Walton: Antarctica and the global jigsaw a centennial perspective: 394401.

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