SHNH International Representatives

Representatives are appointed by Council and are able to attend Council meetings.  Their term of appointment is initially for three years, with an annual review by Council. This can be extended as approved by Council.

The Society currently has international representatives, in Australasia, Central Europe, North America, Japan, Italy, Spain and South East Asia. Any member resident outside England who would be interested in becoming a representative of the Society should contact the Representatives' Coordinator Mrs Malgosia Nowak-Kemp.

Mrs Malgosia Nowak-Kemp

Contacting the Representatives


  • North America

Ms Leslie K. Overstreet
Email: overstreetl(at)


Asia and SE Asia

  • Japan

Professor Takeshi Watabe  
Email: Watabe(at)

  • South East Asia

Dr Kees Rookmaker
Email: rhino(at)



  • Australia

Dr Kathryn Medlock       
Email: Kathryn.Medlock(at)



  • Central Europe

Professor Mag. Christa Riedl-Dorn,
Email: christa.riedl-dorn(at)

For more information see:

  • Italy

Dr Carlo Violani
Email: acquint(at)

  • Spain

Dr Margarita Hernández Laille
Email: MARBEN3(at)

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